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Expansion figures for onshore wind in 2020: Permits remain bottleneck for strong expansion
The expansion figures for onshore wind for the full year 2020 were published today.
Offshore wind industry defines fields of action for policy: impetus for the offshore wind value chain urgently needed
Expansion figures for offshore wind energy 2020 to be published at press conference
EU offshore strategy is a positive signal - Important pillar of a climate-neutral energy system!
A large part of future European energy is to come from the sea. The European Commission today adopted its offshore strategy.

Special "Five questions to" - our executive board introduces itself

"Five questions to" Moritz Jesse at Vestas
"Five questions to" Bernhard Zangerl from Bachmann electronic
"Five-questions-on" format, from the Schaeffler company
"Five Questions to" Dr. Philipp Schmid from SKF

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Half-yearly figures for onshore wind energy: expansion too low despite significant increase - undo approval-knots, implement repowering strategy!
Yesterday, a ministerial meeting of the North Sea Energy Cooperation took place under German chairmanship on the role of offshore wind energy in achieving the goals for the expansion of renewable energies and Europe's climate goals for 2050.
Victory and defeat are close together. What is good in sport is only good for a short time in business.
By the middle of the 2020s, about half of the currently installed wind turbines on land will reach the end of their economic lifetime after 20 years of EEG support.
The Federal Network Agency today published the results of the third tender for onshore wind energy in the current year
The cabinet today approved the amendment to the Wind Energy at Sea Act.
In the debate on renewable energies, an agreement was reached today in the governing coalition.
The Federal Network Agency published the results of the first call for tenders for onshore wind energy in 2020.
Overcoming the historical low as quickly as possible by obtaining more permits and land
160 turbines with a capacity of 1,111 MW were connected to the grid for the first time last year.
The Federal Network Agency today announced the results of the sixth and last tender round 2019 for onshore wind energy
VDMA Power Systems today published a study by Prognos AG.
The Federal Network Agency today announced the results of the fifth tender round 2019 for onshore wind energy.
At the VDMA Press Club on the occasion of HUSUM Wind, the leading national trade fair for the wind industry, manufacturers and suppliers explain their demand for a national action plan for the wind industry.
Supplement to the 10-points-plan of the economic and environmental associations
10-point plan for the revival of wind energy expansion
The stagnating expansion of onshore wind energy is the central topic of the meeting of Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier with numerous industry representatives on Thursday.
The results of the third tender round 2019 for onshore wind energy were announced: fourth undersubscription in a row
The german WindGuard published today the expansion figures for offshore wind energy in the first half of 2019 for Germany.
The Collective Energy Act was passed today by the Federal Council. A comment:
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